Taalschool de Kameleon

"Different, but the same"

The school for children that need intensive language education

Taalschool de Kameleon

Taalschool de Kameleon is the school for children from 4 to 12 years old who do not yet have sufficient command of the Dutch language to be able to follow education at a regular primary school. This is the school for children who live in the municipality of Nissewaard and need intensive language education. We pay a lot of attention to vocabulary and oral language skills, but also to reading, spelling, arithmetic, world orientation and writing. After about two years, the children have sufficient command of the Dutch language to go to a primary school in the area. When the child is 12 years old, it goes to secondary education after Taalschool de Kameleon. If the Dutch language is sufficient, a child goes to a regular secondary school and otherwise to the Internationale Schakelklas (ISK) to better learn the Dutch language.


Main location:
Vlasdreef 4
3204 GS Spijkenisse

Extra location:
Aïdastraat 91
3208 PA Spijkenisse

Director: Riannette Schuiling


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